Playing with DSLR night shots around Winchester


Its kind of easy to get great composition shots when you’re up in the air, and I was worried I might be neglecting my on-the-ground photography skills (not that I’ve got any!) so went out with the camera for a walk around Winchester. Only a Canon 60D, so nothing too flash! Here’s what I got. Not amazing but I feel comfortable sharing with you guys :slight_smile: here!


I’ll wait for the I HDR'd the shit out of it™ versions…



That second shot of the Cathedral is superb.
Thanks for sharing Glen.


Rich I’m trying to restrain myself these days :slight_smile: These were shot by hand, so had to chuck shakey ones! After I got back to car I realised I had my ISO capped at 3200 but it can go higher! DOH!

Still was an experiment in RAW and what you can pull out of the darkness in post!


Cheers Chris! I thought it wasnt all that, funny what different folk see in each pic! I liked the stoney wall with ivy one, a bit Terry Pratchett!


i want to night flight round our Cathedral, but the buggers turn off all the floodlighting after midnight !!
Spoilsports !


Go out a bit earlier


to many rossers !.
I may Litchi mission it !


Attach blue strobes and they’ll think it’s one of theirs. #sorted


Why are they choirboys
They shouldn’t be out that late on there own anything could happen


Oh and you have the Mavic 2 they shouldn’t even hear it it’s that quiet




don’t fancy being chased out the gates by the Vicar and a 3 foot candle !.
OOOOH, my eyes are watering at the thought !!


i might need some WD40 !!!


More tea vicar


Three really shots, I like them all but love the way the flint wall catches the light. I would have thought you must have used a tripod to get pics like this, the shutter speed must have been quite long, what were your exposure and shutter speed settings.


Thank you @AprilCoon! It varied, and I did have a little gorilla pod for the cathedral one, but balanced off a park bench!

ISO 600, largest ap. (4.ish I think) and maybe around 1/4 to 1/2 max. Shot in raw so actual image was dark as hell until processes a bit. Here’s what original looked like.


Winchester Cathedral is my next Litchi destination on the list.
When the weather becomes warmer.

The Cathedral has the added bonus of the ancient Bishops Palace ruins
very close behind it.

I will have to go on a walking visit one afternoon to suss out the tree heights, etc,
and find a suitable hidden launch place, away from council Jobsworths.