Playing with reflections and polarisers

I found a great place to fly around the Heybridge Basin & Maldon in Essex, with huge expanses of open water to play around with some polarisers and see the difference they make. Has to be said, in this case I prefer no filters and enjoy the reflections, but it demonstrates the point being made nicely.


Thank you for demonstrating these filters Ian. I did watch your review video of it on YouTube and ordered a set from Amazon, which are due to arrive today so looking forward to giving them a try. The location is beautiful. I added that to my places to visit.

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I was out at Heybridge Blackwater on Thursday. It’s a great place to fly. I’ll post the pictures later. I got some great shots.

I really need to start to look at filters, but I’m not sure where to start.

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Thanks fella! It was a great day out and a great place ot fly… one of the more rlaxing and enjoyable filming sessons I’ve had… Cheers, Ian


You’re welcome,
I’m planning on getting back out there soon for some night flying…