Plotting multiple points on Google Earth

Hi folks, hope everyone is well and bearing up in these trying times.

Whilst staying in and unable to fly the Mavic I had the idea to attempt to upload my flights into Google Earth and have a plot of all the locations I have flown and add new points when we come out of this situation.

I understand that the.txt file needs to be converted into a kml file and have figured out how to do it, albeit one at a time.

I’ve even managed to get the converted file into Google Earth and wow it’s fantastic.

The problem is I can’t see how to repeat the process and import more points and wonder, if it’s possible and if anyone who is more technically minded could possibly explain how it may be done please?

As a footnote, if it’s possible, please explain as you would to a young child, I am far from technically minded but am up for the challenge!

Thanks, take care and stay safe.


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Or - you could post photos/videos/panoramas too, to …

Good idea…I’ll see what I can “dig out”.

I did post 3 a few weeks ago and managed to get a couple of badges…yayyyy. Just waiting on the powers that be to decide if my sunrise at Sandown IOW qualifies for my third badge or not.

Take care.

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