Pocket 2 at London Zoo

Visited a very busy Zoo yesterday mainly for some pix of our youngest granddaughter. I imagine the guys shown in this brief clip will be grounded today. At first I wondered if someone had lost a drone. :grin:


What are they doing Barrie? Cabling pulling?

I wrote to the zoo today as I forgot to ask them on Wednesday when we were there (so much to see and do and little time to learn more).

This the reply received from them:

Thank you for reaching out to the ZSL team! it is great to hear you had a enjoyable day out

I believe the area you are referring to is our former Snowdon Avery,

Previously a large walk through area for our larger tropical birds, now it is being transformed into a sanctuary for our Columbus monkeys to be included in the walkthrough.

You can read further on it in the below link, we are hoping to have this completed summer this year:

The site runs beside the Regent’s Canal

Thanks Barrie. That’s decent of them to reply too. Fair do’s to them for continuing with the weather as it is :+1: