Polar Pro ReTract - Landing Gear Mavic 2

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you the new landing gear I have received from PolarPro ReTract - Landing Gear Mavic 2

Link to Polar Pro website

The design is very good, Easy to install but the best is the fact that the Mavic with the landing gear fitted can go inside my case. :smile: to lazy … lol

It’s a great product, I didn’t test it in flight yet, but as they said it should not disturb the performance.

Oh and bought it on their website directly, I had to pay some fees for importation(£8) because the value was more than £15… good to know.

That’s it :blush:
Have a great day everyone and if you want more details, just ask.


They look pretty cool😀

Nice that you can leave them attached when you fold it away.

For me (on the MP) that wouldn’t work, though, since I leave my strobes attached to the arms all the time.

Do they make them for the MP as well, do you know?

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I’m afraid no, just checked their website.
That’s the only one they’ve got : Landing for MP

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I rarely use the ones I have (because they have to be removed to pack away) … but don’t find the need that often. Still might have been nice to have.

Folding landing gear? Brilliant invention :+1:t2:

I’ve always been a fan of PolarPro accessories. They’re expensive sometimes but you could never fault the build quality.


Just a shame they didn’t think of folding landing gear 18 months sooner. :wink:

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Brilliant idea. I’ll invest in them methinks


Brilliant idea I think I’ll copy it…:thinking:

I am such a sucker for tech and associated items! I have ordered a set of these from Amazon. The fact that they can be left attached when folded away (hopefully will still enable me to place the M2P in the DJI soft sleeve) is a great selling point. I had leg extenders for my MP but they just turned out to be something else to carry around and try not to lose! I don’t think they’ll be required on every flight but certainly handy to have when taking off from less than perfect surfaces.


Yup - ditto.

I’d agree … but much more likely to use even when not essential if they are just there and ready!


They look really useful so have just ordered these from Amazon £26.99. :+1:



I found a useful little vid regarding the Polar Pro landing gear :



The new landing gear arrived earlier for my M2P and the ive gotta say for the rather understated job they do they’re brill. Fantastic quality and I’m happy that they have almost zero impact when the M2P is folded up.

I quite like the stance of the craft being roughly an inch higher off the ground too.

Big :+1: from me.


Cheers @FlyNdee97 for spotting theses :ok_hand: