POLL: Do DJI firmware updates reset your settings?

I can’t think I’ve ever done a firmware update on my Mavic 2 which hasn’t reset at least one of the settings. I mentioned this on another thread (Mavic 2 firmware and app updates) assuming it happens to everybody, but it turns out it doesn’t. Got me wondering just how often it does happen.

So, quick poll question: How often have you done a DJI firmware update and found one or more of the settings have been reset?

  • 1 - Almost always
  • 2 - Only once or twice
  • 3 - Never happened
  • 4 - I haven’t noticed
  • 5 - What’s a firmware update?
  • 6 - What’s a DJI?

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You missed out the “What? You want me to remember back how many years?” option. :wink:


We’ll call that the “What’s a firmware update?” option :wink:

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Oh - I know what one is - I keep reading all the posts by other members about them.
The last update I did was about 3 months before my one-and-only firmware roll-back. :smiley: