Poor mans battery warmer

Just a diy job here to keep my batteries warm in the field in the winter. Hopefully it should last an hour or so. I’ll get something better when I can, but I like diy’ing in the first instance. It uses hand warmers.


Toasty :hotsprings:

I keep my batteries in my pockets…

See. I was thinking that. @anon20379288 said armpits. Then I thought of down my trollies. But originally I thought of up my acehole. My arse is far too petite for 6 lipos. :rofl:

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Only thing you gonna need to watch out for is condensation

True. Now I know what to do with all those silica packs I get with the 3d print rolls I get. Better put them in the oven now!

I use the same thing, works great.

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How do you power it In the field? Car battery?