Popped my Litchi cherry today

I’ve had Litchi for ages but never got around to trying it, being honest, because I was at giving up control. Only two very simple missions in but I’m hoping for great things. The Mission Hub is such a great tool and so easy to use. We have a new residential development literally on the beach in Worthing so I’ll be taking monthly progress photos and videos so now I can do a mission taking the Mavic to the exact same spot and height for the progress photos and do the same flyby every month. Am very excited! :slight_smile:


Nice one!

I bought Litchi on their Black Friday deal. Stil not even installed it, never mind tried it :blush:

Great to know you can re-fly previous missions, ideal for something like this @Peter :+1:

They’re going to build a new road behind my house (literally. bastards.) so I’ll be doing the exact same thing, weekly flights of the entire road to watch the progress.

I’ve only used litchi a couple of times, the inner child in me made me do this lolIMG_0690


Lol, no way :smiley:


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