Port Mulgrave - Added to Beaches and Seaside Resorts in Yorkshire and the Humber

I have just added this to the map of places to fly your drone at Drone Scene:

Land owner permission not required.

Park on street and walk down to the cliff top of Port Mulgrave. Walk through the gate and follow the track. You will come to a seating area overlooking the bay. This is where you have 2 choices. You can either follow the track, which is very slippery and nearly always muddy due to stream crossing the path. Or you can choose to use the rope on that left track.
Good foot-wear required. Not for that faint hearted. Or unfit.

The originator declared that this location was not inside a Flight Restriction Zone at the time of being flown on 23/08/2021. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying at the same location.


The question is, how did they get the tractor down there?

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By sea :+1:

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I do honestly believe they drove it around the coast from Runswick Bay