Portable power station recommendations

@Leylo1971 and @GunjaFPV

At the Meet on Sunday I checked the 12v Charger again, this one

It was connected to a 12v battery and it again started at 65w but after 20 minutes it drops to 45w

This got me thinking and I started to question if it was a heat issue but more a voltage drop problem.
To pull 65w it needs to output 20v 3.25a and with the battery voltage drop if that would affect it and if was switching to 15v 3a

Then tonight I had a :bulb:moment :roll_eyes:

It can run on 24v :grinning:

So off I shot to fly the Avata to discharge the batteries :joy:

I linked up 2 batteries in Series = 24v

And wow it charged up 2 batteries in 29 minutes each

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Wow that’s quick! Nice one for the heads up :+1:.

I take it you were running the batteries in series, is that right?

I’ve also had the voltage drop on the one I got hold of. This is from my cars 12v socket, which should put out the same all the time if the engine is turned over.

It seems to charge in limp mode after while🤷‍♂️

Yes, since 2 batteries …

  • in series doubles the voltage, i.e. 12V @ 60Ah > 24V @ 60Ah
  • in parallel doubles the amps, i.e. 12V @ 60Ah > 12V @ 120Ah
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Hi Folks
I recently purchased a power bank for charging my drone batteries
and I’m so impressed with this power bank I thought I would share it
with every one.
I can charge my mini 3 pro batts and the controller in just over an 1 hour 15 min
2x and the power bank charges back up in an hour.
ive been using it now for a couple of months, Anker Prime 250w 27650 mah
link below if your interested


Thanks mate for the share​:+1::+1:

I’ve got one of these with the 100w base station. Nice bit of kit. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Didn’t want to start a new thread so i thought post here. move if it’s in the wrong place

Any thoughts on this
Anker PowerHouse 521 - 256Wh | 200W

Now £149


The EcoFlow River 2 MAX (512Wh) portable power station is currently on offer at Argos (and a few other places).


It’s only £349 in the sale at the moment :scream:


Some of the solar panels are also on offer:

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There is a review on Argos product website that mentions GADC, “I use this for charging my drone when I’m meeting other members of Grey Arrows Drone Club. It’s very lightweight and I can charge my drone batteries many times over without ever running out of power.”



Did you just write that review now? :rofl: