Portland Bill, Dorset, with a DJI Mavic 3

I spent some time in the UK recently and found some great places to fly. Here is one of Portland Bill on a hazy day.

I just started using DaVinci Resolve and this is the first video I finished. I used to use Photoshop, which just isn’t great for video, and was very impressed with DaVinci. Thanks John Davies for suggesting this software.


Nice one great video.

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Nice video, the weather makes for great atmosphere.
Wonder if anyone had tried flying through Pulpit Rock… take someone very brave, perhaps the FPV lot!

Just getting to grips with DaVinci for work, not used it for anything as original as actual editing yet though. Getting more powerful and feature rich every day though.

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Flying through Pulpit Rock… haha, not me!

DaVinci is a bit of a beast until you get to grips with it. I spent ages watching Youtube - not BlackMagicDesign but those put together by people who use it everyday. Eventually, I grasped the basics and stopped trying to learn all of the ‘only use it now and again’ stuff (but kept a bunch of URLs pointing me to useful youtube videos).

Good luck with DaVinci.

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I know I live in Yorkshire and Yorkshire is gods own country, I do however have a very big soft spot for Dorset. It’s a beautiful place.
Such a shame you the day was overcast for you.
Thanks for sharing.

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Fantastic place. Used to live in Weymouth as a teen and cycle out to Portland Bill when there was a tidal rip and a force 8 or stronger. Wild and beautiful. You have brought back lovely memories for me!

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Stunning video thanks


I was down the Bill at the weekend, posted some pics, here is some quick and dirty footage.

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