Potential issue with the CAA's registration check website

Hi all, I went to check my own CAA registration details on their (currently beta) website.

When I entered my Flyer ID and name/surname, I got the message “No Registration Found”.

There was an option on the error page saying, “If you’re unsure, please ask the person you’re checking to review their details in the My registration area, or in their original registration email.” When I checked the details there, everything was correct.

I’ve sent an email to the CAA about this issue, acknowledging that the site is still in Beta.

My main concern is that law enforcement or any members of the public wishing to authenticate your CAA details via this website could challenge any CAA documents that you have on you as being iffy?

Or maybe I’m just being too anal about this :slight_smile:

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Why would they want to ?

What next ? Full DVLA checks from a VRN ?

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Took the words right out of my mouth…:rofl:

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Or maybe I’m just being too anal about this

Yes :rofl:

Don’t over think it, just enjoy your drone, ignore them.


The trouble is, there is always someone who wants to go to extremes to check details, from my own personal experience when flying my Mini 2 at 6;30am on an empty Crown Estates beach when I was approached by a member of the angry brigade.

These self appointed ‘jobsworths’ are all over the place. The best thing to do is ask them if they hold an official position of any type and if not then they can call the police who will check your ID…That should satifsy them and if it does not then you tell them YOU will call the police and complain of harassment.

(I will certainly do that).

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So you’d willingly give your name to the Facebookers of the world.

If there’re that bothered ask them to call 111.

I deal with conflict as a day job so its water off a ducks back to me, if you know the rules and are not breaking them moan, or jog on.

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…or better still…call the poice and have him charged under the ANO for interfering with a pilot in the execution of his duties… :laughing:


Luckily I had a screengrab I’d taken on my phone from Dronescene of the area, showing the Crown Estates & drone regs in the bright pink. I showed him this after I’d tried to engage positively with the chap. but he was on a mission and said he would report me regardless to the local council. I said that was his prerogative after I showed him my ID on the Mini2, not giving him my personal details though. But this is what made me decide to see what checks anyone can do via the CAA - hence my posting.

I didn’t want to stoop to his level :grin:

Mine works

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Thanks for checking Chris. Appears to be just me having the issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Proper name as per the reg and number ?

Do you have the old (shorter) style ID format @Ted_Maul ?


I tried op and flyer ID both worked for me.

I tried last years shorter format and got no reg found (not sure if it checks expired ones)

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No, I have the new GBR- numbers.

I just tryed the check out of curiosity, my flyer id did not work but my operator id did.

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Neither my Flyer or Operator GBR- numbers work for me. :neutral_face:

Just checked mine didn’t work either…ain’t going to loose sleep over it…:man_shrugging: