Practice ground for drone flying near Eastbourne?

Hi flyers, I am living on the east side of Eastbourne. My training ground was previously on a beach near Pevensey. I have already lost a drone half way to france and I have just received a replacement.I need somewhere safer to fly with a safety margin just incase and until I get to grips with it. I’ve been using my first beginners drone since the departure of my last one and yesterday had a near splash. It was on a ‘return home’ then wouldn’t respond. I think it was a GPS problem again. The ‘Pevensey triangle’ need to find another place.
I would appreciate any ideas that’s within reasonable distance from Eastbourne. The west side (South downs) is under prohibition control according to the eastbourne CC.
Thanks in advance


Have you tried:

Also what I do is look for areas that are public rights of way or similar. Lewes and Eastbourne councils are the same beast for the most part.

Worth a short drive to another council areas with maybe less restrictive views?

What drone do you have? As if you have a mini/mini 2 you could fly it from your property?


Thanks, for your prompt reply. I’ve already checked out drone scene but I can’t find anything within easy driving. I was flying from the beach at Norman’s bay just along from ‘Norman’s bay caravan camping park’. I live in Eastbourne marina and a postage stamp of a garden anyway, flying in a built up area like this is out of the question and also prohibited. I bought a sjrc f11 pro 4k. Came out very well in genuine reviews. First drone was a bug’s 5w. Which is a nice beginners drone.
Thanks again

While drone scene does list places members have added as good spots another way it is helpful is looking at restrictions.

I have used it to check restrictions near to public rights of way which you can use the following to find:

or using the link in this post to see other local councils restrictions:

What is the weight of the sjrc f11 Pro 4k?

As you mention Eastbourne, I was doing a bit of flying last week at nearby seaford head / seven sisters … no issues on my Mavic Air ( CofC Cert.)
Very good transmission and GPS mind you I was on the FCC transmission. If It wasn’t for VLOS I could fly further Way pass 1000m distance

Thanks for your reply. Seafood head is in the golf course area. You may of been lucky! I’m informed the downs area is no fly. I use to live in Seaford. I’ve never had a hobby/sport where one feels so unwelcome but hey! That’s were we are! Thanks again.

I was at the far end of seaford head flying towards the seven sisters … so flying away from
The golf course which was further back from me …

Just like to say that the South Downs national park authority does not own any land in the park ( except there main office in midhurst ) so have to find out from land registry and bylaws … for permission !

The NT owns parts of it, you can see which parts from this post: National Trust Policy Correspondence - #321 by thebigmirror
But large parts of it are owned by induviduals / farms

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I live in hampden park. I got the DJI mini SE. with it only being 249g I can practically fly it anywhere ( with in reason ). very few no fly zones around for my drone.