Preston Area

Is there any plans to have a meetup in the Preston Area for 2021
I am new to the drone world

Hi Paul. Welcome.
There are non planned at the moment, but there are loads of us in the general area ( I’m in Morecambe) so I’m sure there will be a meet arranged in the near future.

Let me know when something gets arranged. I’m in Blackpool so would love to meet up with some fellow flyers

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Why not arrange your own meet up? Just an idea? 3 of you have posted interest, one of you invite the other 2 to your preferred flying spot? :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m up for a get together. Also have a mate nearby that would be interested

Manchester here and also interested, Preston is but a hop, a skip and a jump away …

@stevesb about time we hit the tower again(not literally though).

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I think you could be right. As soon as there is a decent break in the weather and not too far in the future other wise it will be a bit busy when the sun gets up.


I live in Preston and would meet up on a weekend hopefully weather permitting

Where’s good to fly in Preston then?

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Depending on what drone you have would be interested in a meet up if you want there a the parks for the mini 2 etc