Printing FPV Camera Mounts

The new camera has meant I’ve been busy printing a few new mounts for various drones.

After printing a few GO pro-style mounts and finding them to be a little too flexible with my TPU I’ve decided to switch to fixed mounts.

The problem is that TPU still seems to be a little too flexible and my alternative PLA is too rigid.

Any recommendations on what material I should buy when payday rolls around this week?

just increase the infill percentage :+1:t2: higher infill the more ridged the TPU will be. :+1:t2:

Yup. TPU is your best bet…

Whatever you do, don’t use PLA. It’s too brittle.


Yeah don’t use PLA. I’ve done various drone bits from PETG. TBH I only print with PETG and TPU, never anything with PLA anymore.

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This can also break under stress… It can take more than PLA, but it’s far from as indestructible as TPU is.

That’s good to know - I obviously have a lot to learn.

I’ll give that a try

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Yes. Maybe for the mount bit on the quad if you screwing the camera to it. Around the camera I’d just TPU.

I think the only time you should use PETG is when stiffness is more important than indestructibility.

About the only time I’ve used anything other than TPU since my early days of FPV, was with an actual quad frame, where really carbon fibre would have been better!

Also good to know as I’d considered trying that if i didn’t get a better result with the tpu

TPU is an amazing material. To cut it you need a very, very sharp knife. It’s flexible, often too flexible, but just never seems to break.

The stuff I’ve printed with it lasts forever. I keep reusing bits on newer quads.

Nothing else you can print comes close.

Of course the different brands of TPU do vary, but not by much. I’ve tried Sunlu and Sainsmart.

Both are very good, but Sainsmart is the better one of the two and by general consensus is the one to use.

My best brands of TPU that I’ve used is.

E.Sun and 3DJake both have a little stiffness to them allowing me to print it on a bowden setup :+1:t2: