Private land permission

Today I went to a farmer to ask permission to fly in his field. He told me the field didn’t belong to him but was owned by a tenant farmer “who wouldn’t give a shit” if I flew in the field. He gave me the phone number of the farmer but he has not answered his phone or returned a polite text message I sent him. What would you do?

I would go on the land. If in Scotland, you have a right to roam anyway, so long as you don’t damage crops. Elsewhere in the UK, you could be guilty of trespass, but that mainly means you need to leave the land immediately when asked to do so by the landowner, so not a huge deal in this case. Unless you cause damage or are abusive, it’s not a criminal offense and the police can’t intervene.


Thanks so much. I’m good to go then.

Obvious disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, rely on professional advice, yada yada yada :grinning:


So, where exactly are we talking about?.
That may give a clue to what our advice may be?.

Marchwood. It’s a field on the corner of Tavells Lane and Bury Road. Out of the national park but within the high risk zone of the Southampton airport?

You’re fine, there. Outside Southampton FRZ … which is the important one.

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I would take off from the footpath near the roundabout, opposite the skate park.
Just make sure its a public path.
I would just check to make you are not in a NFZ


It’s clear of DJI’s NFZs there (not that he’s flying a DJI drone) … just need to keep away from the military zone to the south.

Flown in that area several times.


If he has your contact details and hasnt bothered to contact you to say No then youre good to go, he could still turn up when youre in the field and object but you did try to make contact with him, which would make him look foolish i would have thought.

Happy flying

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