Problem adding Flight Report timings from iPhone

I have real problems adding the start time for my flight reports. Perhaps I am doing it wrong?
When I click on the box to set the start time, the pop up date picker is partially off the screen, and so I can’t select the date. If I try to scroll the screen, the date picker disappears.
I have done a screen capture of me trying to add one:

I realise that you probably have a lot on your plate right now (I have the £12 ready), and this is in no way urgent as I can normally work out a way to achieve what I’m trying to do. I’m only raising it as I hope it’s helpful

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Try minimising your keyboard before putting the date in.


Yes and or click the date and the full timetable will appear :+1:

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I feel a bit stupid now. I have had iPhones since the original, and I never realised that those arrows were to minimise the keyboard!
On the iPad it’s a separate ‘key’ with the keyboard on it .

I’m sure that will sort it out.