Problems getting EU operator ID Luxembourg

Hi, hopefully someone who has used the Luxembourg site can point me in the right direction.
As suggested in many posts, I used the Luxembourg site and materials to get my A1/A3 certificate and now have a flyer ID but am having problems finding forms to apply for Operator ID. The only forms I’ve found are for Luxembourg residents which require their citizenship ID info. I have tried emailing them over a week ago but still no reply.
If you’ve recently gone through the process I’d really appreciate a link to the form I should use. Many thanks

Not the best answer but I’ve just spent the best part of 2 hours on & off the internet of which I found the form / forms but every time I clicked on it or tried to open it ( in any browser ) it said error, page not found & or broken link, :grimacing: sorry but someone here may know better, failing that maybe try to give them a call tomorrow, hope you get it sorted …

(+352) 247-74900

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
08h00 to 12h00 and
14h00 to 17h00 (CET)

Closed on public holidays

Thanks for looking.
I followed the the links for Luxembourg from here :Flying in your country - National Aviation Authorities | EASA

Then the Operator ID forms were here either in online or download pdf format.

I can find and download application forms but they all state (for Luxembourg residents)

I went for Luxembourg as it’s always been said on here that it’s the easiest to do.
Getting Flyer ID for A1/A3 was easy but I just need someone who has done the next step to tell me how to apply for the OP ID.

Thanks in advance

Is this the site you are referring to?

I got my EASA ID from here (and it was free).
You need to set up an account, which was straightforward, and then you should be able to find the training course you need to get the OP ID

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Thanks for that. Yes, I’ve done all the registration and training and got my flyer ID, that was very straightforward. But that isn’t the OP ID…you need to apply for that separately. I just can’t find how to do this if you’re not a Luxembourg resident.

Just an update for anyone else who has found getting EU operator ID from Luxembourg difficult as all the forms are targeted at Luxembourg residents.
My advice is to simply email them, explaining this. It took a few weeks before I got a reply and after being asked a few questions I was sent an appropriate form, asked for various documents such as passport details, proof of third party insurance,proof of completion of training, and flyer ID certificate. After that, it only took a few days and I now have EASA Operator ID valid for one year throughout the EU. No charge at all for the whole process unlike in the UK which was nice.

Hope that’s helpful for anyone looking to get their EASA Operator ID