Problems with Sunlu Orange filament (only Orange)

Does anyone else have trouble with this, or even something similar?
I am having serious issues with warping on anything > about 1.6mm thick but only when using orange filament. The same item prints without any problems when using Sunlu Grey or Black filament using the same profile WTF! Even the sh1tty Dremel filament I was gifted works fine.

  • the filament is definitely dry, but not hot (e-sun dryer level 1)
  • room temp is the same
  • there are no draughts around the printer
  • I increased the bed temp and reduced the filament temp with very little impact.

Has anyone seen this before, and do you have any views on a solution? I really don’t want to bin a new roll, only to buy another with the same problems.

What’s the filament type, PLA, PLA+,PETG,ABS or other?

When I first started printing, my first ever purchase ended in the bin after I spent about 2 weeks of failed prints.
Quality nowadays is far better and with names you can rely on.

Your asking for answers without giving anything like enough detail for anyone to make a definitive answer.
So filament of the same material type but with a different material from the same manufacturer can need different settings. Sunlu have PLA, PLA PLUS, SPLA, PETG and ABS plus a few more exotic materials; all different settings.
I’d always advise printing a test object with any new material, even if it’s just a colour change.
Assuming it’s PLA of some variation bed temp 45-60 C, hot end anything up to 220C, esteps might need tweaking.
If the warping is an edge or corner lifting then it’s more base setup. Levelling needs to be good, the Z height may be a fraction too high (set up as normanl then drop it by one or two of the smallest steps), add a brim to nail it down to the bed. First layer printed really slowly. Depending on what kind of bed you have (I use a textured PEI build plates which replaced the quite good textured glass on my flsun deltas) you might even need a bit of adhesion help from something like hair spray.

Sometimes even stuff like PETG that is agressively sticky can lift and it’s usually going to be how the printer is set up

I do a fair bit of printing, this is PETG in 7 sections and nearly 1.5m LOA. I had to change material halfway through to a different colour (from the same manufacturer) and had to redo esteps after a dismal failure of one section.

OK, Both, thanks for the comments.
I forgot about all the high horses on the internet, and should have mentioned that

  • It is the same brand Sunlu (post 1)
  • it is PLA in all instances.
  • The bed is a brand new Ender 3 Magnetic bed slightly textured. (~ 10-12 hours printing)
  • bed was manually levelled before printing
  • it was auto-levelled before each print
  • it is primarily typical warping on the base (typical of filament cooing too quickly) hence bumping up the bed temp and reducing the filament temp (initial post) and checking for draughts
  • The same gcode file works fine for grey & black Sunlu, but warps for the Orange
  • I tweaked the temp in the gcode file and also re-sliced with the temp tweaks and got the same result.

My first Question was
Has anyone seen this before?
Meaning different colours of the same brand and the same type of filament behaving radically differently.

I accept accept there will be slight variations s I have already seen between Sunlu Black and Grey, but find the radically different behaviour for nothing other than a colour change in a filament disturbing.

As to the solution, for the time being, I will simply steer clear of Sunlu Orange PLA.

I had the same experience with orange PLA from an other “brand” (if Basicfil is a brand…), maybe it has something to do with the orange pigment? In my experience keeping it warm helps a little.

Look at your slicer, different profiles for the same manufacturers material where the colour is different.

I’ll could keep my experience to myself (on my high horse) which runs from my first Ender 3 from late 2018 to the three delta’s I currently have printing typically around 40-60 hrs a week

To get this orange to work
Squish the PLA down a little bit more probably something close to .05mm tops and put the speed right down
Try printing on a raft (poor surface that needs smoothing)
Squirt the bed with a bit of hairspray (messy to clean off)
Use some tape on the bed (even messier)

Else toss the filament and spray the print

@everyone. Thanks for the comments and suggestions. @Nickj_UK your comments about esteps got me thinking about a story about fake Sunlu filament I read somewhere.
I have come to the conclusion that this may be the case as there are instances along a 10m length where it is consistently undersized by 0.03-0.05.
The temp tower I printed when I first got the roll, came out OK, but I suppose that was just luck.
I will give the suggestions a go and see how I get along.
Thanks again everyone.

I’ve jsut got my first sunlu (PLA+), and it’s appauling. Do people generally have good experience with it? Worst PLA I’ve bought over the years TBH!

Ziro PLA seems the best in stock I can get for a reasonable price these days from Amazon!

I’ve not got the PLA but have Orange Sunlu PETG and it prints great

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It just won’t stick no matter what temps, levelling etc. All my other PLA is fine (used 5 others since this arrived)

I can crush it easy in hand compared to the Ziro PLA (Marble in this case), and the new Ziro black arrived yesterday. Just disappointed is all (have complained at Amazon, we’ll see!)

I generally use the regular Sunlu PLA without problems on my Ender 3 V2 Neo.
It was only my first roll of orange PLA I had problems with and have written it off to a fake batch. (see above)
for my PLA I am using 205 Nozzle and 60 bed temps this prints great using the standard, and modified Ender profiles

Try pushing the temperature up by 10 or 15 degrees this should help with the “fragileness”