Programmed and automated flight planning software? (DJI Matrice 210 v1)

Can anyone recommend flight planning software, which includes taking still photos, for a DJI Matrice 210 (v1 non-RTK model)?

We are looking to ascend to a specified height and take a series of still photos at different bearings (using an X4S camera).

Thanks in advance.

I’m sure I read somewhere that Litchi is compatible with the Matrice.

Failing that have a look at DroneLink which is

I’ve not tried with with a Matrice, but Dronelink works very well with my Mavic Air 2 and I’ve found it very easy to use and very flexible.

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It gets the odd mention in some older release notes, so should be good still :+1:t2:


From the DJI Forum:

This does support the Matrice 210

The Pilot app works with the Matrice.

Thanks all for your suggestions. Much appreciated.