A while ago, my misses found this on Freecycle. Went and got it, and it’s been stuck in the shed for a couple of years. The urge to rebuild is growing…


Interesting project you got there;). Keep us updated on your progress

I’m my youth I craved one of these so bad! A little 3ch traîner plane. Saved up, bought the kit, couldn’t afford the epoxy glue so used a glue gun at school! Was so heavy it never flew! :wink:

Get it in the air!


What does it need in order to make it airborne @notveryprettyboy?

It has working servos and motor. A brushed esc 30amp and a 35.060 rx. But I’ll probably put a crossfire in it as I have the tx. I need to check the brushes on the motor. And I guess I would use lion batteries? Not sure on the voltage yet though. New to wings.