Prop guards for Air 2

Hi All,
I’m going to get a set of prop guards for my Air 2 when it arrives as I have never flown a drone and feel certain at some point will hit something. Just a query though does anyone know how much it reduces the flying time as the drone has extra weight?

Where (and how) are you flying that involves such a high risk of crashing in to something? :scream:

Approx 10%

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I don’t expect to crash into anything as in Lincolnshire its pretty flat but sods law could raise its ugly head before I get to grips. I’m hoping that I will soon build up confidence to discard them. Sadly I’m a big believer in sods law.
10% is acceptable until I get to grips - thanks


@Vennwood IMHO Prop Guards are only useful inside. If you fit them for outside flying, they act as a sail for the wind (more a problem for the Mini rather than the Air 2) but will very often snag on a twig if you hit a tree and leave your pride and joy dangling high up with no way to retrieve it.
If you take the golden advice of staying far away from trees, buildings and people you will not crash and you will be fine… Set your RTH altitude to around 30 m and have fun… :slight_smile:



Thanks for that Ian
Didn’t consider wind making the prop guards more of a hazard. I guess I’ve been watching too many American videos of drone flying where most of them say they have crashed more than once. I just didn’t want to break my drone before I had the chance to use it properly


Do DJI drones still have a Beginner Mode? :thinking:

Not sure if the DJI Fly app supports that either though?

@Vennwood It took me quite a few flights, in an empty hazard-free field I might add, before I was brave enough to leave Beginner Mode. You’re not alone in your fears of something happening to your new pride and joy :blush:


I agree with the above advice, prop guards for indoors, caution for outdoors, good clear launch area free of trees buildings and people.
I believe the Mavic Air 2 uses the DJI Fly app, if it does then just stick it in Cine Mode Which dulls off all the movements and speed, reduce the maximum range and height so if you get disoriented you don’t lose sight of it, and if you feel you are getting Into trouble just let go of everything the drone will stop almost immediately in Cine Mode, then take a second to re-familiarise yourself with the stick inputs and off you go again.
If you take your time you will be ok, you’ll undoubtedly crash at some point but most likely trim a few bushes rather than smash it into a tree.

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