Prudhoe castle

TOAL was from a public footpath that runs south east away from the castle area.
NB the flight was at 6-45am on sunday morning, to avoid visitors. Also note that the castle is closed over the winter months so it makes flying a bit easier as there are no visitors


6-45am still in bed then cool pics though.

Some great pictures - definitely one for “the list”

Lovely colours :+1:

Thank you

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Thank you

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Excellent stuff, from oop-north myself (currently Alnwick area, formerly Prudhoe itself). Concur that up-early is the best way to avoid Karens and get great lighting. Like the TOAL tips, recently joined Eng Heritage, who forbid flying there, so yah boo to them on that one. What are you flying - hopefully can emulate this with my MA2. Good stuff👍

Thanks for the kind comment, like yourself i fly an air 2

Looks amazing! Post edited?

Great pics.
I have always liked castles. Unfortunately they are a rarity where I am.
I will add this to my list.