Question about D-Log

Watched several vids now and they refer to d-log as a flatter picture better for post processing of colour.
So is D-Log the same or similar in video as raw is to photography, ?
Videography is new to me but keen to learn now I have my mavic

In a simple one word answer yes.

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Thanks chris:slightly_smiling_face:

Is a pretty good explanation why, but in a bit shell it’s very useful for colour correcting yourself, and even more so if you mixing footage from different cameras (to match it easily in post)

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One thing I’d add is that DLOG-M on M2P requires a fairly powerful PC to edit with.

I always shot DLOG with MP but unable to work with the M2P log with my current laptop. I7 6820HK, 32GB ram, GTX980 6GB.


I don’t think pc is a problem, rampage vi extreme , i9 7980xe, Titan V, 64 mb 3600mhz dram. :grin: it would be good to throw something at it, ( earn its keep):rofl::rofl:


In that case I’d be using 10bit Dlog-M mate.

Have been thinking of building another PC but at the same time want to get my FAC and a rifle. Still deciding.

I’m mostly into still photography and I understand the correct settings for that. But I have to admit to being fascinated with the opportunities offered by video. For those experienced in this field, is it worth investing in editing software that can handle and process the D-log output from the mavic 2 pro. Even though it’s only a hobby for me I’m keen to get the best possible results.

Moved your post over to this previous thread - to keep the little about D-Log that there is all together. :+1:

All depends on what you or your audience are watching on to be honest

Mostly it’s just me as the audience but I’m my most stringent critic.


I always think about it this way, if you’re more than 8 feet away from your 60in TV you wont tell the difference between 1080 and 4k anyway

Its more about the content for me, I’ve watched some absolute bollocks in UHD and seen some great stuff shot on a phone and cheapest of gimbal/drone.

It’s the hardware that’s the limiting factor.

You need a beast of a PC to work with 10bit H.265.

10bit Dlog is not going to look better, it just gives you the max dynamic range and more scope for editing and takes significantly longer to process.

My attempts at working with it could not get a better looking video than the 8bit normal profile.

Normal profile is spot on IMO and that colour profile is pretty much what the hasselblad thing was all about.


Thank you

Excuse my ignorance… But 10bit DLog… Does that just apply to video or can stills benefit too?


Video only. Stills are actually much higher quality in RAW.

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