Question: DJI RC file transfer workflow - Mini 3 Pro

Question around panorama & QuickShot DJI RC file transfer workflow with the Mini 3 Pro

I have been considering getting the Mini 3 together with the DJI RC or waiting until the Mini 3 will become available without RC (apparently in July according to DJI website) so I can use the RC-N1 that I have from my Mini 2.

The aspects that I am currently evaluating are the following:

Internet Connection: To get internet connection to be able to see the maps on screen - do you guys usually use your phone to hotspot?

Workflow Question: How do you usually transfer DJI Fly App generated files from the DJI RC (e.g. panoramas and QuickShots)? - At the moment I usually transfer all panoramas and QuickShots from the Mini 2 via the remote to the DJI Fly App on my iPhone. I then let the app compile the panoramas and do its little QuickShot speed-up-auto-edit before I then export them to the iPhone photos app from where these will sync to my Mac via iCloud.

All pictures and videos I transfer directly to the Mac via the SD card (to keep all meta files, location etc.) and then arrange these next to the files that were synced to my Mac via my iPhone in library for further editing etc.

After the background now my main question: I am struggling to grasp how I would transfer the DJI Fly App generated panoramas and QuickShots from the Android OS of the DJI RC to my Mac/iPhone as these files will not be saved on the SD in the drone but I also cant install any apps on the DJI RC to transfer said files. Will I have to stitch all panoramas using third party software and will I have to manually edit all QuickShots (not ideal for quick social media shares)?

Any insight and help is greatly appreciated! :blush:

Quick transfer


Good one, thank you so much! No idea why I did not think of this as I use quick transfer on the Mini 2 frequently. :roll_eyes:

As a follow up question as I am using Airdata UAV to analyse my flights: Do you know how these would sync? Does the android device in the DJI RC sync the flight logs once connected via hotspot/wifi to the internet?

I assume that they would then be accessible on both devices and would also upload to Airdata UAV?

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Yes, all covered in the mega thread


Thank you for confirming @milkmanchris - for the future, whats the best way for me to search the mega thread? I tried searching for ‘flight logs’ etc. in that topic but wasn’t successful.

Thank you for all the help so far! :slight_smile:

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Search Airdata make sure you select ‘in this topic’