Question: How do I import Go4 panos to iMovie?


Hi All

Did a search here and on www and couldnt find an Answer

Question: Ive tried to import DJI Go4 panoramas into iMovie and failed. Can anybody help?


I think you maybe using the wrong option for what you want. The 360 panorama gives a still image.

For the video version you want to use the asteroid mode which can be the imported and edited in iMovie.

Like this


Tx Brian, Ill retry. All good learning…I didnt know what a Ken Burns was last week;)


Hey know worries. I am busy trying to learn colour grading / matching at the moment. Recently moved to FCPX, which is fantastic but a lot to learn.


I might go the same way after iMovie. Worth the step?



I was using Davinci Resolve , which was really good especially as its free! However, I had the chance the opportunity update my iMac to a 27” and get the fcpx education software are pack so took the plunge. I think it’s great but would recommend Davinci Resolve if you don’t want to make the outlay at the moment.