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Maybe a dumb question but Under article 16 is that if you are a member of FPV
Do you have to make the decision which rules you are flying under ie A2 or Article 16 with a Mini 2 on the day


Hi. I’m new to all this and too old (60) for most of it. I have a syma w1 explorer and last summer flew in my garden now I don’t think I’m allowed to do this? Or am I being thick? Some please help

What result did you get from Good2Go?

Can’t fly close to people. I don’t know if I put the correct information in. So many people are saying so many things is doing my head in😟 it makes me wonder if it is worth the bother

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But that is the whole purpose of Good2Go … you don’t need to listen to others and their possible misinformation.
As to whether you put in the correct information, which questions don’t you know if you answered correctly? … and why?

It says will you be flying close to people. And I don’t know if the bloke nextdoor is going to come out into his garden.

Kev I’m not familiar with your drone but a quick Google search says this drone is 249g in weight. If this is correct you can fly that almost anywhere even from your garden and close to people (within reason)

Hi and thanks for the reply. So my drone is in the sky and the bloke nextdoor comes out onto his garden and as long as I don’t intentionally fly toward him I’m ok?

Pretty much yeah. You can fly over people (but not crowds) and fly near people with no specified separation distance (use of common sense here is advisable). You can fly in any area open countryside, recreational, commercial, industrial and residential areas (including your garden). Just check that your drone definitely weighs less than 250g first as like I say I’m not familiar with your drone and had a quick look on Google for its weight :+1:t2:

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Thank you so much it is appreciated.

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Hi @Wes. This is what Good 2 Go will display if you tell it your Syma W1 weighs 249g, you want to fly in a residential area (your back garden), and you think it could end up closer than 30m to a neighbour and maybe even fly above them, assuming you have no additional qualifications of any sort:

The yellow bit at the bottom summarises what you could have input in this case. The green bit at the top confirms you are Good 2 Go.

Obviously you still have to fly safely and be careful about privacy etc.

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This page of the tool advises that, yes, the Article 16 Operational Authorisation is for members of the model flying associations, and has a link to the detailed information to see if it applies to you.

For FPVUK, they have more information on their website, and you have to log in and tick a box if you want to use their Article 16 permission.

I don’t think this is written down anywhere, but I think it’s sensible to treat each flight as being either under the Article 16 rules, or not. If you have both the A2 CofC and are covered by Article 16, tell the tool that, and try a few typical flight requirements, it should usually say which permission it has relied on to reach any given conclusion.


@kvetner - took me a day or two to get back to this but definitely interested to hear anything positive on this…?

Thanks @kvetner :+1:


Thanks @kvetner


@stubbyd Here are some example results for the original Mavic Air if you hold the A2 CofC certificate:

That shows you can fly in any “congested” area, right up next to people, so long as you don’t fly directly overhead. If combined with the Article 16 permission (e.g. as a member of FPVUK, less than £20 per year) you can then also fly overhead in parks and rural areas.

Lots of freedom, at least until the end of 2022 when the current transitional rules are due to expire.


@kvetner appreciate that response.

But odd, I must have clicked something different when first going through as I didn’t get that same result. I do now :slight_smile: Gives me some relief that I don’t have a £750 paperweight especially as I haven’t been able to fly for >7mths due to fostering.

The boys will move on soon though and when they do I hope to get back to it all, and also I plan to take my A2 CofC and join FPVUK or similar to be able to utilise their Article 16 capabilities - but will worry about that 2nd one down the line. I haven’t consciously flown over folks before, but may have inadvertently done so and I doubt my flying style/patterns would change. I like remote scenes without people in them anyway :slight_smile:


Yes, the main reason I will use the Article 16 Operational Authorisation myself is not because I’m going to be hovering over random people, but simply so I can stick my drone at least 30m up in the air in the countryside and not have to worry about a person or car passing underneath. And if I had an original Mavic Air, I’d definitely get the A2 CofC so that I don’t need to scratch my head in town trying to get a 50m distance when there’s a closer spot to fly from.

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Interesting idea but it seems to need tweaking because it currently says only <250g can fly in A1 when <500g can too if with A2 CofC.