Quick flight in Blackpool

Very quick flight this evening, a bit too windy and far too cold!


Like the first shot best. Great :+1:

What time were these @markas

These add the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile. :+1:

Shot 3 for me, stunning :heart_eyes:

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Rich will moan that the horizon isn’t level. :wink:


Maybe I have wonkey eyes horizon looks ok.
Mind you some of my Photos have wonkey horizon :rofl::joy:

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It’s only the 3rd one with the (slightly) off horizon Neil. Great pics though :+1:t2:

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I see :eyes: now. Eagle eye’s you have. :joy:

Not really - just scrolling the thread until it’s level (… ish!) with the top of the window. :wink:

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@PingSpike will need a lie down if he sees it

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It was around 5pm this evening. Was aiming to see the starlings murmurating but they didn’t put on much of a show.

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Oh yeah, hadn’t noticed! :scream::rofl:

I blame the wind :thinking:

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Great shots.

Like the second one, the clouds above the pier look great.

Just been reading another thread with a “wonky” horizon. I was running the DJi app through my work phone last night for the first time, i’m guessing i need to tinker with the gimbal settings.

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If it’s not too bad you can just do a quick edit in post.

Or if it’s proper wonky, check this out: Tilted horizon? How to adjust the camera gimbal on a Mavic Mini and Mavic Air 2 in the DJI Fly app

Ha ha I thought the same :joy::joy::joy:.

After mine got picked up on its the first thing I’m blinky looking for :joy::joy::joy:

@markas nice shots :+1: