Quick ride down the Tyne

Hey guys,
I only got my drone last week, immediately registered it and after a quick play down the Tyne.
I’ve specifically bought it to take it on rides with me so I’d be keen to hear from other cyclists what bags they’re using.

I was a bit nervous, not about flying over the water but more filming the abandoned buildings etc down there felt awkward.
Anyway here’s my little 1 min edit from a ride down the Tyne.


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Also - many back pack recommendation here : Back pack, rucksack and soft-case recommendations

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Nice clip, which drone have you got? Around Willington Gap??

Mavic 2 Zoom.
I’m not sure where Willington Gap is but think I’m going to head up to Thrunton Crag on Sunday.
Ridden there a fair few times and the fire roads and openings onto the big expanses up there would look great as over head shots.


Did you use the Activetrack mode to follow you(?) cycling or was someone else flying the drone?

Hi Dave nice little video you took there well done.