Quite place to fly/test 3D printed drone near London

Can someone recommend a quiet place to fly not too far from London?
I am going to be testing my 3d printed drone and i am not the best in controlling it so a place with no people around would be the best.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi, Aleksandar / @WGACA, and Welcome to GADC. :+1:

If you have a moment, pop over to #introductions and tell us all a little about yourself. :slight_smile:

In response to your question, I’m sure someone with knowledge of locations with better suitability for your type of drone will come and help you out.

I know there’s a dedicated model aircraft area in Richmond Park, if that helps. (Not that I’ve been there or fly your type of drone to really know if I’m being at all helpful. LOL!)


@WGACA Richmond has had some good reviews :+1:t2:

Thanks for the suggestion.
I have been to Richmond Park’s flying field once, i didn’t saw anyone flying and there were quite a lot of people walking in there. I guess that’s where i will go as it’s the closest place to me but i am willing to travel more for a quieter place.

By the way do you know what counts as flying field in the park?
I can see it’s pinned at 51°27’00.5"N 0°16’10.9"W but there is no obvious border as to what’s flying field and whats not.

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even The Royal Parks website gives no more information than that location.

What does your 3d printed drone look like? How does it fly? I 3d printed a 450 but it flew like kak. Any photos of your bird?

@notveryprettyboy sure,
It’s about 420mm frame that i came up with in fusion 360. I originally was going to use dji f450 frame but it doesn’t fit in the case i bought for it. Also, i enjoy more building stuff than buying it ready.

I am using:
dalrc F405 with dalrc engine 40A
GARTT ML2212S 920kv motors
4s2p battery built from 18650 batteries.
I have also gps, gopro, vtx and gimbal waiting to be installed once i confirm it’s flying properly.

As for how it’s flying i don’t know yet i’ve done some small test at home before going to the field.
It’s still work in progress:


Had to edit the links and to add some more info
Current weight with batteries is 1100g and lifts off at just below 50% throttle.


Wow. I have loads of 18650 batteries. Don’t the power wires get hot? I thought about it but worried I wouldn’t get the current from the cells.
What filament did you use?

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I am using Samsung 30q rated at 20A discharge. In parallel, they should provide 40A enough for the motors. It’s not meant to be a racing quad but more like camera quad.
All the wires in the built are supporting the current required. I haven’t tested in a long flight as i am not very good at flying yet…
This frame is printed in PLA, i was going to use PETG originally but it strings too much regardless of how much you play with it and it’s just not worth. We will see how the PLA goes but the first try on PLA was pretty good when i printed the Spyda 500 frame. I crashed it in 10 seconds though :slight_smile:


Nice. My 18650’s are stripped from laptop batteries. Not the best and they take a while to balance. I will construct a field charger I think.
My drone was pla. Found it far too brittle though. It was fine on a normal landing. But my arms were too flexible. Trying to tune the pids were a tough job.
I look forward to seeing how you get on.

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Ok, i went to Richmond park today and there were a few people flying there.
There is actually enough space to fly without worrying too much that i will hit someone.

The flight went as expected, i crashed in less than 3 minutes :relaxed:
I think i will put a camera on and try to fly it with fpv as it looks easier to fly. I must first reprint the 3 arms that broke in the crash.

Here is a video so you can laugh at my flying “skills” :grinning: (the first minute is boring)

I am still interested in other locations, especially with closer parking.


I loved the VERY beginning! :grin:

It was all going so well … until about 2:50. :+1:
I bet there are plenty that haven’t been so successful.

Moved this thread to the #racing-quads-self-bulilds-and-fpv category. :slight_smile:

Ok i bit of an update
I installed camera and vtx to try and fly with fpv but 1 or 2 motors were not spinning properly and i was getting unwanted yaw spin on the quad that was pretty much uncontrollable as seen in the first video


Next week i replaced all 4 motors and removed the gps as it’s quite useless at the moment. However, i managed to crash in under a minute again. Maybe it has something to do with the fact i was playing around too much with the PID’s and also activated permanently air mode. I might try to restart the PID’s to default next sunday as reducing the RC rate did not make it any easier to control. It feels way too responsive… I used the kill switch a bit too early but really didn’t want to smash it to the ground with full throttle.


Anyone around London who wants to try and fly it next Sunday?
I want to make sure it’s me the problem and not the quad itself