Racton Ruins

Finally got some drone flying weather, apart from lack of sunshine, so went to Racton Ruins near where I live. It’s on the Drone Scene app and well worth a visit. I was tempted to fly in through the window or down through where the roof used to be. However, bottled out in case I lost GPS and wrecked the bird.


A very real possibility :slight_smile: . I flew the ruins (and added them to Dronescene)


Great. I could see you was about to go in. Look great

We went here today and there is a drone hanging inside with its alarm :rotating_light: going off. I got footage but there’s no way I’d fly through it :joy:

That’s why I bottled out! And I still have my drone!!!:joy:

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Having flown inside and lived (just) to tell the tale I must go back and do a proper "up the chimney video :slight_smile: