Radiomaster TX16S Max

Oops, my finger just slipped and bought this. Oh well, I’ll have to keep it then. I’ll do some additional simulator practice on the computer with this. I guess I’ll be looking for a drone or two to build. I was thinking something cinewhoop like that I can fly indoors as well, and something for outdoors. Must have the DJI or caddx vista as I want to use my DJI goggles from my DJI FPV.

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And it’s here, currently charging! Have just downloaded Liftoff and OpenTX companion.


Nice :sunglasses:

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Yep I just got one of them.
Didn’t go for the red and carbon one, I went for the standard TX16s.
All charged and set up with the THFS2.
TX Companion is soo easy to work with.



I have to advise not to charge the battery from the USB connector. As far as I know it’s a 0.5A rated charger, but a wall charger pushes up to 1.5A in there.
I had a couple of devices failure because of that. Best option is to remove the battery and charge it outside the radio.
I personally do use a GNB 5000mAh that lasts for ages.

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I’ve charged mine via the USB 100s of times with no issue :man_shrugging:t2:

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I know the Jumper T16 had issues with usb charging but radiomaster fixed that with a voltage regulator. So charging via USB is fine :+1:t2:

I use the actual radiomaster battery in mine:


That’s just peak current, it will only draw what it needs.


Funnily enough in my photo in the OP the USB meter is showing that the Radiomaster is choosing to draw 2.5A. :slight_smile:

That’s why you could burn it down as it happened to me. Your radio, your choice.

Max is not continuous

The USB power only supplies the power, it in no way regulates the charging. The charging circuit is inside the radio. You could hook up a 100Amp 5Volt power supply, it would not make any difference to how the battery is charged. I can quite happily plug my 1S multi port charger into my 13.8Volt 60Amp power supply, that does not mean my 1S 600mAh batteries are going to charge 100 times faster, they’ll still charge at the 400mAh rate of the charger.

However if you reverse the scenario then bad things could happen. If you use a cheap USB adaptor rated at less than 0.5Amp, and it has no internal current limiting circuit, then bad things will happen. At best the internal regulator will fail and there’d be no output, at worst it’ll catch fire before it fails.

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I’m no electronics expert, but I’m sceptical of Andrea’s assertions. I did notice that the radio won’t charge from a USB-PD charger. Anyway, I’ve pinged Radiomaster support and I’m sure they’ll give us all the detail.

It’s not matter of being sceptical: I burnt 2 radios charging the battery from the USB. This is the story.
The fact that I got 2 replacement from a local reseller means it’s probably a known issue.

Skip to 6:30 for the USB charging.


I’ve probably been unlucky. Never trust Chinese stuff :joy:

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Guess what, turns out Andrea is correct.


We have stated in the product description that “USB-C Charging port with 2cell Battery Management. 1.5A Current Max.”

It is recommended that the charging current should not exceed 1.5A. In fact, it is possible to use within the range of 1~2A, and there is a risk of burnout if it exceeds 2A. I am sorry that my reply yesterday was not strict.

Sorry I doubted you. I’m still astounded that they haven’t put a proper charging circuit into this radio!


I’ve just checked the charging current on my TX16S, using the Radiomaster battery pack and a charger for a Samsung S7 which will fast charge the phone at 9Volt @1Amp (5Volt @ 2Amp or 10Watts).

On connection the Voltage is 5.17Volt and the current is 1.58Amp. Interestingly there appears to be a 5:1 charge ratio, meaning there is current flow for 5 seconds and then no current flow for 1 Second. This maybe because the battery pack is nudging at full capacity.

I’ll do another test later with some 18650’s if I can find the battery tray that was supplied with the radio


Yep i saw this yesterday on mine while I was reading and watching