Radiomaster TX16S Transmitter - Charging and SD Card

Hi all,

New to Drones completely, so checked around and bought a TX16S (with touch screen and Hall Gimbles) last week with the intention of playing on a Sim, and then getting an FPV drone and goggles (have a 2nd hand drone coming soon, but that’s another story!)

Wow… What a lot I have to learn, but plenty of guides out there and some trial and error. Anyways with regards the TX16S, I have a 2S 3000mAh battery I bought with it, which I charged on a LiPo charger, and all was fine. It has in built USB C Charging on the bottom (with the data on the top). I can’t seem to get the battery to charge whilst in the transmitter. I’ve tried different cables, and chargers (and even the top port, which is for data I know) but nothing will get it to charge in the transmitter, either that or there’s no display/LED to show it’s charging. Any suggestions?

Also I can’t for the life of me seem to get the SD card out. Is it spring loaded (like a lot of micro SD cards), or is there another way to remove it?!

Cheers all. And I should also say Hi! :slight_smile: Might do that in the right forum!

Sounds like the USB-C charging socket is for providing power to an external device like a phone which needs charging, not to charge the Tx internal battery.
If the SD slot is not spring loaded then gently pull the card out, not all slots are spring loaded but rely only on friction.

Cheers gaz, though the manual definitely states it’s for charging the “right” kind of battery, which I do have Section 1.6

Will see if I can get the SD card out again, didn’t wanna press, push, etc too much. Be good if I can find an owner of one :wink:

Tx17s is notndesigned to charge a lipo do not do this you don’t want a fire!

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A regular 2s hobby battery is an OPTION for the TX16s. From what I understand the USB charging is for the recommended 18650 cells which have a slightly different chemistry and charging requirements.


The TX16S absolutely IS designed to charge Lipos. Says on the inside, on the important imformation, etc. Says not to charge High Voltage Lipos (LiHVs?), but I have a standatd 7.4V 2S battery which it states it SHOULD be able to charge.

Their website even sells as 5000mAh Lipo 2S battery for this reason (I have a 3000mAh, which hobbyRC sold as part of the kit). I am in contact with them, and state it should work too.

Was hoping to find an owner with some suggestions is all :frowning:

Nidge, thanks for this. Though I’m pretty sure you should be able to charge eihter the 18650 or a 2S 7.4V lipo from the manual and all information found online so far


From the manual itself

As a quick update HobbyRC have requested it sent back to be looked at, will let you know.

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I stand corrected :slight_smile:

Hah don’t worry Wyntrblue, just all worried as totally new to this, know you a helpful guy round these parts. Everyday a school day :slight_smile: Hope HobbyRC sort it, and can get back on the Sim!

Well HobbyRC fixed the issue and returned the TX, all working OK now and charges fine.

Been playing in the house with the TinyHawk S I bought (only using 1S for now).

Now need to decide what my next moves are, and whether I dare start to fly outside… Think the having a spotter (for LOS) going to limit me outside, even with a sub 250g drone!

It’s great fun, with a LOT to learn (after flying for all weekend, only discovered the onscreen settings through the goggles to change profiles rates, etc without having to connect to BF configurator) yesterday. Great fun!