Radley Avenue seasons

A short video of Radley Avenue on the edge of Radley School grounds. Recent Air 2S video, with Olympus stills (mostly 7-14mm) shot from 2008 through the years and seasons when I used to work in nearby Abingdon in Oxfordshire. The intro video shot was reversed. Still enjoying learning Resolve. The video shot required keyframe changes to exposure etc with the dive into the avenue, and it gives nice control to pan and zoom on stills.


I have seen many videos that left me thinking of the seasons that we have passed through and this is one of them - love the stills where winter has done its work - overall time well spent in its production. I have much more to learn with programs given time. :persevere:

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Thanks for watching. We don’t often get snow here any more, but the bare branches are always very fine, showing the crown shyness between trees.

Here’s my Flickr album of all my Radley Avenue stills (and the video) over the years, some used in the video.


Very nice ! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for looking :grin: