RAF Harrington

Disused RAF Harrington Ex USAF base during the war and was turned into a missile site for the Thor missiles during the cold war. Quick flight with my brother in law (new flyer)


Thanks, have a little video but was more concerned getting the BIL out and flying. Will probably go out again when its a bit warmer. lol

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Nice, did that a few weeks ago, did you get the 30 metre range?

No, I don’t think so. It was your video I seen before going here but it was more for an open area to fly. Next time I hope to spend more in-depth time there. Well I think it was your video I seen. Lol

Sorry not my video, as I have not posted any as yet!

Sorry, found to be a guy called Trev Lee and posted on you tube.

Ok no probs, may be fly it with you next time, give me a shout on your next outing.

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