Ramblers campaign to preserve Public Rights of Way

I’ve tagged this under Drone Discussion because it’s relevant to where we can fly our drones.

Did you know that Rights of Way which haven’t been officially mapped by 2026 will automatically cease to be Rights of Way at that time?

The Ramblers Association have launched a mapping project to allow members of the public to compare present-day and historic maps to try and identify paths that should be added to the official Rights of Way mapping.

If interested, see https://www.ramblers.org.uk/news/latest-news/2020/february/find-map-save.aspx for more details.


Why don’t the government just make one rule for All

“You are not allowed to have any form of fun or enjoyment in life it’s the law


It’s set in law. I seem to remember it’s in the Countryside Rights of Way Act.

Don’t ask me why someone thought that would be a good idea!

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Just bumped into this.

Not directly related to the topic, but interesting, general interest, info on England/Wales Open Access.

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KInder Scout Mass Trespass was a major landmark in the establishment of some rights of access to areas of open country in the UK.

Unfortunately I doubt whether a mass trespass of NT open country airspace with drones would result in other than summary confiscation of said drones and jail time and/or large fines for participants and probably the ultimate banning of drones altogether. Times have gone full circle.

Good on them - they should be supported by ANY outdoor types ( like us ) 100%. Keep them pathways open !!!

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When I use to “green lane” on legal byways ramblers hated it…even when sat at home the thought of a 4X4 driving a legal and dry byway seemed to infuriate them, even though they had not even walked it, did not want to walk it or could not even find it if they tried and the anti 4X4 came on…just like drones lol
The thiong is that when they had TRO’s put on the said green lane (byways) no one visited it anymore including them ! the byways overgrew and landowners took it over even placeing fences on them and making it a feild going as far as placing no tresspass signs up so the people that campained for ugly 4X4’s t stop using them actually lost them by their own fault.
They should join forces with us and 4X4 owners I thought we were suppose to get out in the country more ?

Tribal warfare it’s being going on for millennia :thinking:

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Yep sure has…every one has an “opinion”

Well having owned some land with a public right of way and a permissive right of way, I would say the rule should be do away with them, the grief I had with joe public thinking they could just go where they liked, no repsect, no regard for the animals, never again would I even think about buying anywhere with a public right of way across it.


If I remember correctly, it could be the 20 year rule this could mean if the legislation was passed under the radar in 2006 then if it’s not all done by 2026 then the right will cease to exist, it works the other way, if you have a permissive path every so often(before 20 yearshave passed) you have to shut it off to the public and register the fact you have shut it otherwise if you forget after (you guessed it) 20 years it will become a right of way and you no longer have control over that piece of land that you own.


Aww yes, the ‘my rights means I can trample over others rights brigade’

There the ones who ‘rubber duck it up for All’ :angry: :rage:

No, the date of 1 January 2026 was “hard-coded” into the CROW Act, see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2000/37/section/56. I can only guess this was to provide a bit of impetus to properly recording PROWs, because otherwise it never moves up the agenda of local authorities.

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