Ramping footage DaVinci Resolve

Been playing around today with ramping, seems harder than you think.

I say this because when you pick a section to ramp, it shrinks that section, therefore putting the times out.

Am I missing something or is this normal?

I did nail this clip but I think more luck than judgement.

Can’t see anything in the clip ?

Only got audio, no video…?

Well - there isn’t a different way, really. If you speed part of the vid up, it’s going to play in less time.

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Which route are you using to ramp the speed? Using retime curves and speed points?
Hopefully not splitting the video before changing part?

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Yes just retime curves and points,

Was only wondering really if there is an easy way to line up the exit of the ramp, with say a certain part of a song or do you just over estimate and pull it back to the point you need :thinking:

This is perfectly normal, your sped up section of the clip will always shrink in size as there is less of it for the play head to move over.

Your video at the beginning seems like it’s dropping frames. Maybe it’s my internet but your slower sections must match your projects frame rate.


When you have your in/out speed points, drag the bottom handle to fit music (no music in grab), but that means you can see the audio track waveform and move the points to where you need.


That adjusts in/out points to keep the speeds you’ve selected.

Alternatively, top handles change speed of clip before.



Ah okay, perfect. Thanks guys :ok_hand:

In case that wasn’t clear (but play with those and you’ll get the idea) :

Top handle changes speed of clip before but keeps the original clip frame of the speed change.

Bottom handles keeps the speed of the clip before but changes the original clip frame where the speed changes.

I know what I mean. Seems easy when doing it. Putting into words less so. :laughing:

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Oh - if you’re going to play with the speed change splines, do that before you start dragging those handles. Spline changes introduce their own changes to the durations of speed sections either side of the speed point.

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I know what you mean there, wording this question seems near impossible lol :joy:

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