Range test of Mavic Air

Not sure if others have seen this video, but this guy flies his Mavic Air over water to a range of 4.2k!

I appreciate easier over water than urban areas, but what’s the furthest range distance, not flight distance, that any one has flown their Mavic Air, or Mavic Pro for that matter?

I am getting braver, but how brave should I be?

My friend took his MP 3.9miles out over coast and still had video feed.
Was pushing it a bit getting back battery wise.

I think that is the other major factor, the guy on the video only just made it back with a few % left!

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Yep. A lot of people also make the mistake of not checking wind direction or treating 50% battery as the halfway point. Always fly into wind on outward leg and aim to land with 30% battery.

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