Raven Crag - Lake district ( Mavic mini 2 )

I finally finish editing this footage from few months back , with great snowy weather. Hope you like it . Any comment welcome . Thanks for watching .


10/10 superb footage

Stunning flight in a stunning location. Great editing too. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Great Video! Hopefully going Lake District myself in a couple of months, such a stunning area

Very well done
Great peice of flying and filming

Thank you Richard :raised_hands:

Yes there is a nice place ,Thanks . :raised_hands:

Thanks for your words :raised_hands:

Thank you Steve :mountain_snow:

Wow! Superb video! Super inspiring… Great job.

What a beautifully shot video.

Thank you Joseph :raised_hands: :mountain_snow:

Thanks John :pray: :mountain_snow:

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@Jar Amazing footage, you have more balls than me! flying that close to the tree’s :open_mouth:

What’s the situation with the music? do you produce it?

Brilliant shots. I love the cool tones and then you get the warmth of the sunlight on the distant hills and clouds.

Thanks for a comment :mountain_snow:.Yes I compose .I hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your words .It was beautiful day. :mountain_snow: :raised_hands:

Fantastic shots of stunning beauty. Much appreciated. Thank you.

Thank you M8 :raised_hands: :mountain_snow:

Yes, the music is good, do you share it? can others use it with their videos?