RAW photos being warped when opened in Luminar Neo

My Lightroom has given up the ghost and having seen Adobe’s current T&Cs, I’m out.

Thought I’d try Luminar on my Mac but I seem to be falling at the first hurdle :thinking:

When I import some RAW photos to the catalog, they appear in the preview section just fine:

Note the red line I’ve drawn roughly over the horizon on that screen shot :point_up:t2:

The moment I click on one of the photos to open it, it displays fine for about half a second, then the colour instantly changes and some kind of curve or fisheye effect is instantly applied.

Note the red line here:

It does this without me even clicking on anything, I simply open the photo and it warps it instantly.

Normal JPGs open fine, without being warped. This only happens on RAW photos. I tried some from both Autel and DJI in case it was something unique to Autel, but it’s doing it on any .dng file that I open.

Is there a random default setting or something that I need to turn off? :thinking:

You need to apply lens correction.

I still use Luminar 4 and there is an option for automatic or you can correct manually.

Not used Neo so unsure where you would find it.

Cheers mate, will see what I can find!

Also the preview thumbnails are the stored JPG within the RAW but when you click edit it reverts back to the raw un edited version hence the visual change.

As @callum said you need to re apply the lens correction its under the deveolp section in the tools menu towards the bottom called optics

Cheers guys, I think this is it.


And after, with 100% distortion applied:

Do I need to do this on every single photo I open?

If so, Luminar Neo probably isn’t for me :rofl:

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I’m guessing it depends on the camera being used. I don’t have that much distortion on any of my cameras. :man_shrugging:t2:

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What about drone photos, Deano?

It’s doing it on every RAW source I open.

Lightroom didn’t do this, neither does the Apple photos app, it’s definitely something unique to Luminar :thinking:

Nah, non of my cameras, Air2, mini4 pro, mavic mini, my DSLR or my phone…

I normally just click the auto lens distortion option to fix any slight lens curve.

What cameras have you tried on? definitely seems like something is a miss…

try one of my DNG’s from my mini 4 pro

DJI_20240329081724_0078_D.DNG (18.0 MB)

Autel Evo II 6K Pro
Zenmuse X5
DJI Mini 2

Will do.

Any way to change the "Luminar Default"s camera profile?

Seems to be ok.

How weird?!

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Can you export a Custom DCP, that I could then import?

I’ll have a look when I get home later(I’mat work at the moment) But I don’t see why not. you can create custom presets for pretty much everything so shouldn’t be an issue.

Hmm, I’ve got options to import a DCP but can’t see a way to create one.

No rush Deano mate, ta.

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The dng should contain the camera profile.

From memory, lightroom automatically applies it.

Have you tried adding DCP from DNG?

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Yeah I tried adding a DCP from various DNGs: autel, 2x dji, and also from Deano’s DNG but none seemed to make any difference, I still had to set the lens distortion to 100% manually :thinking:

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Unsure then.

Im in the habit of importing all dngs and applying auto lens correction on the ones I’m editing.

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Might just be a habit I need to get in to :slight_smile: