RC by MAVLINK, Crossfire, Matek F405 Wing

Hi all,
Looking for some help please :smiley:


  • F405 WING FC
  • Crossfire Micro Receiver v.3.23
  • Taranis X9D+

Mission Planner 1.3.70
ArduPlane v4.0.5

I can set the RX up for SBUS, wire it to ‘sbs’ pin on FC and all 12 channels work, good so far.
However if I set RX to use 'RC by MAVLINK, and the outputs CH1 and CH2 pins to MavlinkTX and MavlinkRX, and then connect to RX2 and TX2 on the FC, the radio controls are not ‘seen’
Various forums/youtube say the FC should pick it up automatically and AP documention indicates Serial port 2 is the one to use.
I’ve tried connecting TX-TX, RX-RX and also on serial 6, still no joy :frowning_face:

Can anybody shed any light on the problem please?

One last thing, when I do get it working, is it correct that RC by Mavlink only supports 8 channels?

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry dude. Can’t help on this one.

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What crossfire tx are you running?

Hi mate
The full one, with screen etc.

Not sure if I’m reading your description correctly but what I understand as far as the receiver connections should be as the graphic below with Ch3 and Ch4 connected to the Mavlink pins.


Hi Nidge
That’s the wiring for RC by SBUS and telemetry via Mavlink
I’m trying to achieve RC by mavlink which brings telemetry down also

Painless 360 did it…

I’m a Patreon for him so maybe I should send him the question

Have just noticed he had his RX set at 8 channels, Mine is set at 12, so that’s something else to try this morning.

This is his video on this subject

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, I see.

I’ve not used a Matek board but in the case of the APM/Pixhawk I’ve seen some people, ok I mean me :flushed:, occasionally get the RX/TX lines arse about face which results in the error of “No Heartbeat Detected”. Meaning the RX line of the receiver should go to the TX line of the Mavlink, and similarly the TX of the receiver goes to the RX of the Mavlink.

Again I’ve not used the Matek F405 board but I would assume (famous last words) it’s not that different from the Pixhawk below

I used this image when I needed to make a custom lead to connect the Skydroid system to my PX Quad that provides the same functionality that you’re trying to do with your Crossfire and F405. You ignore the RTS and CTS lines and just use the GND, RX, TX, and 5V to power the receiver.


Hi Nidge,

Yep, I’ve tried both connections.
I’ve mixed them up in the past also :laughing:

I’ve wired it as SBUS at the moment, at least to keep me going setting up the rest of the wing.

I’ll wait to see if Painless360 has any solutions


Lee will sort you and he’s looking for things to do. Have you called him on skype?

Hi James
Lee and I exchanged emails via Patreon but he says he doesn’t think it’s possible :slightly_frowning_face:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face: