Real world wind limits Phantom 4

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Haven’t been out much with my P4 lately, and now I’m grounded next few days with the strong winds. So it got me thinking. I know DJI post max wind speeds etc, but what are people’s real world experiences with flying in strongish winds? I know the tip re making sure you take off into the wind so you have enough battery to RTH, but realistically what are comfortable max wind speeds to fly (and film) in? Can you still cover a reasonable amount of ground into a 15mph headwind? I use UAV forecast, and I think above 15mph it says not good to fly. How accurate is UAV forecast in terms of those recommendations (guessing they have to be pretty conservative to allow for most UAV’s)? Also, I’m thinking of investing in a wind speed Anemometer (cheap one from Amazon). Any recommendations - do you get what you pay for, is it worth bothering? I feel it would be good to be able to actually measure the wind speed at my take off sites although I also appreciate ground air speed is generally a lot less than at altitude.

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Check your settings on UAV forecast as the P4 max wind speed resistance is 10ms or 22.3694 mph
may give you more opportunities to fly

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Thanks for that. Didn’t realise u could set the max wind speeds in there. Really helpful.

other limits can be set too like minimum satellites which is 6 or more to fly that will give more room to take off and enjoy and stops the app from saying not good to fly i think its set to 10 as standard

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Thanks. I understand the theory of needing a number of satellites to get good gps positioning info but I’ve never really known how many you can realistically get away with as a minimum. So do you think 6 is still safe to fly. Don’t want to reduce the minimum if it’s set at 10 for a reason!

It’s in my PfCO manual and if you check the spec it will fly with a minimum of six
If you have a DJI drone that’s what the green flashing lights lets you know how many satalites it need to lock for gps flight

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Great, thank you!