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Evening All,

I’m considering landing gear legs/extensions for my Mavic 2 Pro in order to protect the camera when landing on uneven surfaces. Can anyone recommend ones preferably available on amazon?

Also, there has been a few times when ive been out in the field and used my batteries but only been able to charge one in the car when driving between locations. Is there a way to charge the Mavic 2 Battery’s from a Power Bank or is there a portable power bank for the Mavic 2 Battery’s.

Thanks in advance!

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Would this work with the DJI Mains Charger with the Battery Dock?

The mains battery charger is rated as “100-240v - 1.8A” - so whilst this might be a peak power requirement, it does translate into 180W to 430W.

A non-DJI charger is a viable option here mate.

For some reason, DJI require x amount of volts from the car (I forget the exact number) before charing the drone batteries whereas third party chargers don’t have this requirement and operate on a range of voltages :+1:t2:


I must put my voltmeter on it and check the exact value next time.


PingSpike, do you have a link to an example one?


We use a car starter/power bank when out on our travels a reasonably priced option but quite a lump to carry round.

Also charges phones etc from usb ports.

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I recently saw this on Amazon

charge two batteries and remote.

And I use this landing pad religiously - helps with uneven grass - keeps dust out of props … I had landing gr extensions on my mavic and found them a hassle not to mention that I lost one of them in flight once -guess i didn’t get it on secure enough

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