Recommendations for locations between Cromer and Horsey

Hi all

I’m just planning a day trip up to the Suffolk coast to get some drone footage (and get the dslr out too). I’ve got a couple of locations in mind - Cromer pier, Happisburgh, and Horsey mill. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Thinking of making a day of it - I’ve not used the car charger yet. What is everyones experience, would I get 3 MP batteries charged and get a full second flight over the day?

Thanks in advance

If it’s the genuine DJI charger, heads up, it only works with the engine running…


… but it is a tad quicker than the mains charger, I’ve found. :+1:


Cheers, thanks for the warning. Thats the sort of thing I needed to know. Might try it out locally before hand

Hi @richard_frewin, And welcome to the GADC from us all !
As a Norfolk man all my life !, my advice is that Horsey is National Trust, so if you are intending to fly near it, stay on the Public road when you take off.
(they were re-furbishing the Mill last year, so not sure if the sails have been put back yet !)

Cromer Pier, is doable?, I would fly from the small Gardens, or the Links Car Park, which are on top of the Cliffs, next to the road leading up to the golf course (leading to Sheringham and Weybourne)
Do not attempt to fly from off the pier !

Travel towards Weybourne there is a House Combined with a Windmill, just as you pass the Weybourne village sign (the mill is on the left)

Finally ! Happisburgh, Fly on the beach ,as much as you like.
Beware of flying round the Lighthouse (see my posts on the Lighthouse!)
If you do !, make sure you go to the two houses at the base of it, and ask the owner if he objects to you flying.
Myself and @PaperCrane had an altercation with the owner only about 3 weeks ago !.
He did agree that he would allow people to fly around the lighthouse providing “They come and knock on my door ,and ask”
(You will need your PLI Copy with you, as he will ask to see it !!)
Hope you enjoy your visit.
P.S. Winterton is another great open beach to fly on (near the beach car park and a very Nice Café !)
If I were a stranger to the area, starting point I would make Winterton, Then, Horsey, on to Happisburgh, also worth a stop at Trimmingham, On to Cromer and finally Weybourne.
Hope this helps !!
P.S. “How Hill House” near Ludham is a place I would def advise a visit


The footage I got at Happisburgh before said altercation will be published tomorrow!


Well done Russell, keep up the great work !!
(My footage is Crap !)

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I would wait a while on Hornsey Windpump, as this weekend it had a caravan by it, as its undergoing maintenance, also its National Trust Land and I have read that they can get a little arsy when using the land they maintain,

I was at Happisberg on Sunday, and paid the £2 to climb the Church tower there, as its really high, and to be honest a good camera and you can get some amazing footage from up there and not bother anybody, and a good zoom lens and the Lighthouse is also a great shot from there.

Winterton has a great cafe as said, and on the way from Happisberg to Winterton, just before Hornsey Mill there is Waxham Barns, and church, worth a buzz around if your early in the day, also nice cuppa there too…

Let me know when your planning a visit as we have a lot of us up that way and could meet up too

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! Some really good ideas there. I seem to remember Horsey had its sails down last time I went to shoot it, so thanks for the warning!

I’m heading out in a couple of weeks - Sunday 16th - have to plan in advance to get a pass from the family :slight_smile: Does give me opportunity to plan a shoot though. First time I’ll have taken the drone out properly though, so exciting. If anyone wants to join for one or more locations, let me know and we can sort something out.

Do most of you have PL insurance then? I thought it was a requirement for commercial work, but hadn’t considered it before. Where do you get it from?

Where are you all from? I’m based in Ely, near Cambridge, so not too far away.

Oh and looking forward to seeing the Happisburgh footage :slight_smile:

We are at the Sherringham 40’s day on the Sat or Sunday, as will have Canon 7D then on the Ground, but will have drone in the bag, as try and go every couple of years as Keen photographer also, and get some great B&W shots there, so if anyone planning to go let me know :slight_smile:

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Would love to join you Steve, but eager to do some long exposure seascapes and give the drone a good outing. I don’t get a day pass often enough, do have to have the most of it :joy::joy::joy:

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Hi Richard, I am in Lakenheath, surrounded by controlled airspace! I have found a space the other side of Feltwell where I am learning to fly this mavic air. Farmer has no problems but would not want a lot of people there. However no trees, buildings or any other problems so a good leaning place.

Weather permitting perhaps we could meet up sometime.

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Hi Manty

Yes, always keen to fly with other drone flyers - sure there are lots of tips to share.

I’m a relative newbie with about 7hrs flight time so far. From looking at the maps, you’ve done well to find somewhere to fly given all the nfz’s!

I’ve got a couple of little ones, so getting out can be difficult, but sure we can sort a time out and to do some practices and maybe scout some other locations out.