Recommendations for Mini 2 safe battery pouches?

I’m looking for safety pouches for my Mini 2 batteries. Most of the ones on Amazon and eBay seem to be the black ones with yellow/orange writing that say Mavic Mini.

I don’t want these, partly because the writing is gaudy and horrible and mainly because it’s not a MAVIC MINI!

Any ideas on other brands/suppliers?

This seller does the single, double and tripple lipo bags for the Mini 2, for £12.49 delivered. There are no “Mavic Mini” markings on the bag.

Dimensions of the bag:

Thanks, I saw them but unfortunately delivery 15th Oct. Sorry, I should have said, I need these for the 1st Oct.

Not really bothered about writing on the case but bought mine from AliExpress - STARTRC is the make. Nice case well made and cheap.

Ordered the triple pack from AliExpress

£3.91 delivered.

Obviously, I don’t mind waiting :rofl:

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Don’t understand the problem!
Are you planning to display them around your neck or somewhere?
Mavic Mini/Mini2 - it’s just writing on a bag!

Not a problem Kev. I just find it annoying. Why do we ever buy one product rather than a different one? We buy a design that we find pleasing or useful for our particular needs.

I have actually bought one but just returned it because I think I would find it more useful to get one that I can put the whole 3X charging dock into, with batteries, rather than 3 individual batteries and have to carry the dock separately

Fair enough.
I think I would rather put batteries in the safety bag on their own.
Not sure if they are more likely to go dodgy in the charging dock or not.
At least if they are in the bag on their own and they go up the charging dock doesn’t get damaged.

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Very good point.