Recommendations for SD card please

Now finally have the opportunity to get the Inspire 2 I got a while back in the air at last!

Any recommendations for a proven 64GB or 128GB SD card please.

Thanks in advance!



Or just a bunch of these:

Various sizes available and various offers always come up :+1:t2:


Lol if you have a spare £800+ kicking about :thinking:
Or 1 sd card and one of these DJI co pilot

I did look at the CineSSD for a couple of seconds. My heart rate has now nearly recovered.

Rich’s recommend is probably way to go - a 64GB would be ample and a tad cheaper than even a paltry 120GB CineSSD and then there is the SSD reader …


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And also if you wanted to go for the cinema DNG and PRORES licence it another £1200 on top mmm not for me thanks unless you got a job in Hollywood :wink:
I stick with a handful of 128g sd cards does me

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Which camera(s) will you be using @johnbirt?

And have you got a CrystalSky? If so, you can put the SD card in one of the slots can a cheapy USB SSD drive in to one of the USB ports, instant in-field data dumps :+1:t2:

X5S. Cendence/CS master and slave units came with the s/h bundle. The wallet is still recovering slower than the UK economy. I do have a bunch of SSDs accumulated from various sources. Indeed I just took out an almost new 500GB NVME Sata SSD from a dead Acer laptop the other day which now resides in a aluminium sleeve like a mini CineSSD I suppose but not attached to the Inspire but it could hook up as you suggest to the Cendence/CS slave combo. I will be sharing the equipment with friends who will usually operate the slave and camera.

When I have figured out how to switch everything on and get it in the air and down again in one piece I will look at hooking up the SSD to the Cendence as you suggest Rich. The Cendence is a bit of a learning curve from the M2 Pro smart controller although I do have a smaller CS which I used with a Mavic Air a while back so at least I know how to switch that on.

Back to the manual and some steep learning!

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Toshiba Exceria M302. Have used these in my previous P3SE, current MA1, phones, dash cams, actioncams…not a glitch yet.

We’ve been using these at work for the past 5 years. Very rare that we have any problems with loss (1-2% with more than 200 cards used, across 64 & 128GB).


Thanks. Have ordered a couple.

I’m trying these 2


Do any of you fine folks have any recommendations as to what kind of memory cards I should be using for the best video or picture capturing please?

All I know is it is a micro SD slot.

Apologies for the daft questions but I am clueless in regards to tech stuff.

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Many such questions are asked frequently, and the answers don’t change, and can usually be found quite easily using the forum’s search.


Which SD card is best for the DJI phantom 4?


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See @Matty1 post above. They were half price when I got 2 from Amazon last week and will suit any drone camera with microSD. I think they were £24.99 each for 128GB and I got 2 as l aready had 1 for the Inspire 2.

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dumb question, and I think I know the answer but when the drone is recording is the card writing or reading? :thinking:


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Ah okay, this then brings me to my second question Rich,
My card is the SanDisk Extreme, with write speeds of 60mb/s

The Mavic outputs at upto 100mb/s would this cause a problem, I’m noticing very slight lag on my footage. Barely noticeable but when you know it’s there you know, you know? :man_facepalming:t4::joy:

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