Recommendations for SD card please

Now finally have the opportunity to get the Inspire 2 I got a while back in the air at last!

Any recommendations for a proven 64GB or 128GB SD card please.

Thanks in advance!



Or just a bunch of these:

Various sizes available and various offers always come up :+1:t2:

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Lol if you have a spare £800+ kicking about :thinking:
Or 1 sd card and one of these DJI co pilot

I did look at the CineSSD for a couple of seconds. My heart rate has now nearly recovered.

Rich’s recommend is probably way to go - a 64GB would be ample and a tad cheaper than even a paltry 120GB CineSSD and then there is the SSD reader …


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And also if you wanted to go for the cinema DNG and PRORES licence it another £1200 on top mmm not for me thanks unless you got a job in Hollywood :wink:
I stick with a handful of 128g sd cards does me

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Which camera(s) will you be using @johnbirt?

And have you got a CrystalSky? If so, you can put the SD card in one of the slots can a cheapy USB SSD drive in to one of the USB ports, instant in-field data dumps :+1:t2:

X5S. Cendence/CS master and slave units came with the s/h bundle. The wallet is still recovering slower than the UK economy. I do have a bunch of SSDs accumulated from various sources. Indeed I just took out an almost new 500GB NVME Sata SSD from a dead Acer laptop the other day which now resides in a aluminium sleeve like a mini CineSSD I suppose but not attached to the Inspire but it could hook up as you suggest to the Cendence/CS slave combo. I will be sharing the equipment with friends who will usually operate the slave and camera.

When I have figured out how to switch everything on and get it in the air and down again in one piece I will look at hooking up the SSD to the Cendence as you suggest Rich. The Cendence is a bit of a learning curve from the M2 Pro smart controller although I do have a smaller CS which I used with a Mavic Air a while back so at least I know how to switch that on.

Back to the manual and some steep learning!

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Toshiba Exceria M302. Have used these in my previous P3SE, current MA1, phones, dash cams, actioncams…not a glitch yet.

We’ve been using these at work for the past 5 years. Very rare that we have any problems with loss (1-2% with more than 200 cards used, across 64 & 128GB).


Thanks. Have ordered a couple.

I’m trying these 2