Recommended gimbal?

I am looking for recommendations for a gimbal that can ideally be used with both a mobile phone or an action camera that doesn’t break the bank.

While the new osmo pocket 3 looks awesome, I have a more pressing need for an action camera and can’t really justify doubling up. Not sure what I will be going with yet, either gopro hero 12 or dji action 4 most likely, but that’s going to be in the new year. In the mean time if it can be used with a phone (S23 ultra) that would be a bonus.

I was thinking about gimbals today (im new to it all) & realized our drones have great gimbals on them already it’s a shame there must be a way to make an attachment for say, our DJI Mini 3 Pro to be used on a selfie stick or the like, that way we can save hundreds of £ and still record in 4k like on our phones.
I guess the problem would be that we have to have our RC on to enable the recording on the drone!

Stop just Stop.
I read your post then this popped up on my recommened list on ebay

@Chip I have used the m3Pro as a hand held gimbal a few times and is relatively easy to use with the RC but beware the drone will get hot in prolonged use and I have a lanyard attached to my RC.

@Doginabag I use the DJI Osmo 6 gimbal Dave, which is great once you get used to it, but works only with mobile phones I’m afraid but is pretty affordable and fits in your pocket.

Well, it’s an option… :grin:

The DJI gimbals were the first I looked at, I expected they would almost be made for the DJI action cameras but was surprised to see they are for only for mobile phones. I guess they don’t want to compete with their own pocket range.

The couple I have looked at that seem to get good reviews without being very expensive are,

Hohem isteady pro 4
Doesn’t support phones though, only action cameras. If it turns out to be the best option so be it, I will just delay getting one until I am ready to get the camera at the same time.

Inkee Falcon Plus
Seems to be similar to the above with some addtitional features, but a lesser known brand, poor app (not sure how important this really is) and still no phone support.

But the more I look into it, it seems one gimbal to use with both mobile and action camera isn’t really an option, it’s either one or the other. so that leads me to ask, which is the best way to go?

Maybe this entire thread is defunct already and the question should be, mobile phone camera or action camera, which would you choose?

On the face of it, mobile seems better. With the S23 ultra all 4 cameras record 4k, giving me ultra wide through to telephoto focal lengths. In which case I would probably go with a Hohem isteady M6 to which I can also add a tracking module.

But ultimately, I would want to go with whichever gives the best image quality, and I suspect the Hero 14 or action 4 will outperform the S23, particularly in low light. I think. Maybe.

That’s because action cameras have image stabilisation built in by default :slight_smile:

If you stick an action camera on a gimbal you get that really weird [INSERT NAME HERE] effect on your videos.

Sorry, I forget the name of the effect, but you essentially end up with the action camera stabilisation competing with the hardware gimbal stabilisation and it all goes a bit weird.

That would very much depend on what you’re recording, and the environment.

I’d attach an action camera to my motorbike, but I wouldn’t attach a DJI Osmo Mobile to my motorbike.

Absolutely, I have mixed purposes here so an action camera is the only thing that is a certain as I intend to use one for my mountain biking, and with that use there is no need for a gimbal. It will be used on either a chest mount for on-bike shots, or on a mini tripod for trail shots.

I then want to add a stabilised “walkabout” camera to compliment my drone for my other videos.
Take the whole mountain biking aspect away and the dji pocket 3 is probably the obvious purchase. But considering that I already have a reasonably capable phone, and will also have an action camera, I can minimise the number of cameras I have (not to mention minimising cost) by simply getting a gimbal for one or the other. But which is the best option, phone or action camera, I can’t decide.

My personal recommendation

OK, that looks a pretty awesome piece of kit!
I am guessing with that recommendation you would opt for going down the camera phone route, rather than the action camera route.

So having watched through a few youtube videos that directly compare video footage of the S23U and the gopro 11 and 12, there is quite a difference and the gopro wins hands down, so I guess that answers that part of the question!

Yes, think about it as the quality of phone camera continue to develop and improve, this year’s example is the iPhone 15 which has some outstanding results, your quality will go better with the next gen phones and that Insta360 Flow it’s an amazing gimbal.

you’ve nearly always got a phone with you but then you have to carry the gimbal unless of course the phone already has good image stabilisation and you’ve got a selfie stick. TBH I think I should have gone for the pocket 2 (the 3 wasn’t out when I got my Osmo 6 last year) but you live and learn. I have a GoPro but hardly ever touch it nowadays, particularly as I do far less climbing that I used too.