Recovering Flight Logs

I was out flying this morning, but when I got home my iPad Mini 5 made like a dead turtle and will not let me sync my flight logs with AirData. Worse, it is now stuck in either a perpetual passcode loop or a reboot loop.

I was wondering if anyone knew if you could retrieve flight logs from the Drone SD Card, or whether they are only stored on the app device?

If I have to reset this thing and restore to factory default I will loose the flight logs stored on the device.

I might be miles out here as I know usually when you delete the app it deletes its data with it so just a guess ok , if you downloaded the app to another device and logged in with your credentials , or bound to the app on another device , no specialist here just a thought ! Hope you get it sorted :+1:t2:

Edit : only reason I say this as one of my replacement drones I couldn’t get rid of the credentials last year , so I ended up setting up a new account , can’t remember if it’s stored on the drone too , again only a stab in the dark

@B0M0A0K I’ve moved your post to the #questions-and-answers category because, well, you know.

Which drone where you flying?

And which app where you flying with?

@PingSpike I was flying my Air2S and using the DJI Fly app.

The iPad Mini 5 has continued to die during the afternoon and I think its on its way out. Which is infuriating.