Recreational drone flying in New Zealand

Anyone on here been to, going to, or from New Zealand and can shed some light on applying for permission to fly?

I’ve looked at the local council and DoC websites and I understand the need for permits and the restrictions around some of the parks and Conservation Land, but I was hoping for a little guidance as I’m finding the information a bit confusing. I am aware of, and will comply with, the Part 101 rules, which will cover all of my flying activities. I have a Flyer ID and Operator ID issued by the UK’s CAA.

I am also aware that I need to contact local councils for their approval, but I’m unclear on the areas of responsibility for each body.

If you have any help or guidance for me I would be very appreciative. Cheers.

Welcome to GADC, @Legandir / Steve.

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You need to get in touch with Bruce “XJET” he lives in NZ I don’t think he is on this site, he is on YouTube. Give him a msg via that.

Ahh Bruce was on a Geeksvana live show a few weeks ago. Talks a lot of sense. Seems NZ has a more relaxed approach towards drone legislation than the CAA.

Fabulous. Thank you.

I have family out in North Island and from what I gather with the exception of flying over centres of population and airports you are pretty much allowed to fly where you like. But as always it pays to er on the side of caution.

No personal experience but, in relation to something totally different, someone posted this link that may be of assistance …

Also, NZ is very protective of their marine wildlife - and this may shed light on that.

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Terrific! Thank you.

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Thanks for that. It was the conclusion I was coming to, with the exception of anycDoC land and national parks.