Red Kite, in flight

Red kite in flight, taken from the back garden.


Flying rats. Beautiful flying rats, but flying rats, nonetheless. We frequently have a dozen or so hovering over the garden.

And an occasional sparrowhawk.


You could post them Here


Fantastic photo, well done.

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Very good shot. How far away was it, where I live I mostly see them at such a height it’s only the shape that gives them away. And I wouldn’t call them rats Guy, they don’t cause the same damage and spread diseases like rats do they?


It’s not a perfect analogy, obviously. But they breed incessantly, they’re scavengers - at least in the UK - and are attracted to food waste. Ironically, we now have a rat problem because people put food out for the Kites…

I actually like them - they’re a beautiful bird - and I’m very glad I see them every day now when 25 years ago my kids had to travel to Wales to see the last few remaining examples (even if most of the heavily inbred ‘English’ birds squawk with a Spanish accent…).

But they are in danger of getting out of control. There are officially estimated to be around 4,000 of them in the UK, but I find that hard to believe based on the numbers round here. They must be taking food from other scavengers - corvids in particular - and I know there are concerns that in urban areas where the voles, shrews and mice that rural and European kites eat are rare, they will take small garden birds if food is scarce. They’ll also take sandwiches, if you’re not careful…

Fresh warning over red kite ‘attacks’ in Higginson Park, Marlow | Bucks Free Press

It’s a shame they don’t eat the rats…

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Hi, thanks for the comments. The bird was about 100m away. Taken on a Nikon Z6 with a 300mm lens on. We do have quite a few visits from about 4 in the area. 1st time trying to capture them.

Yes agree with comments. If I drive 8 mile to a woodland there are quite a lot of Red kites. I think they are a lovely bird and always watch them as they fly above our house. I believe where the ‘Big meet’ is there are quite a few in that area also. (Brigstock)

Sorry, I didn’t know but will know next time. Thanks for the heads up.

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